Monday, April 21, 2014

The case of WP(C) Nos. 113/96, 876/96 and its connected IAs was fixed for hearing on 21st April 2014 but could not heard  as the bench was  up to F.N.  Now the next date has fixed for 29th April 2014.

This is for kind information to our Members.

                                                                                                                         -M.P. Pandey,
                                                                                                               General Secretary (Honorary)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Members,

Our case is being heard by a bench of Hon’ble Apex Court.  The case could not come on board for hearing on 12th March 2014 as a Ho’ble Judge shifted to Constitutional Bench for an important matter for the time being.  However, we have to wait to constitute the said bench in due course shortly.

This is for information to all our members.

                                                                                               -MP Pandey.
                                                                                                         General Secretary.      


Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Sir,

During the hearing on 3rd Feb.'14 in WP(C) 113/96, the case was re-fixed for further hearing for 24th Feb.'14 but it could not come on board for hearing.

The legal charges from the members whose names are mentioned in Blog dated 20th Feb.'14, following Sl. Nos. persons have deposited their charges with the Association:-
                                             3, 12, 14, 18, 20,23, 30.
Rest members are once again requested to please deposit their dues immediately otherwise Association will neither remain in  their contact nor represent them at any platform.



Thursday, February 20, 2014



In pursuance to Hon’ble Apex Court Order dated 3rd Feb. 2014, a meeting of Associations Representatives was held with Director General Town & Country Planning, Haryana on 05-02-2014 at Chandigarh which was also attended by Colonizer along with his two counsels.

            During the meeting, various issues were discussed but the Colonizer strongly raised the issue of 154 Supreme Court defaulter persons.  As per colonizer the said 154 defaulters have not paid their due amount to him.  As per order of DGTPC, a list    of 154 defaulters was supplied to us by Colonizer, out of which 55 persons belong to our Association, of which 23  have duly paid legal charges, the remaining 32 , as under, have not paid  legal charges  to this Association.

The Executive Body Meeting was held on 09-02-2014 and unanimously it is decided that all defaulter members be given  again one more opportunity to clear the outstanding dues, failing which it will be deemed that they are not interested in continuing their membership with this Association and we will be compelled to cancel their membership of  this  Association as they have not deposited Rs. 3000/=  legal charges despite several requests/reminders through SMS/web Blog.
        Name & address in short
     Plot No
Kyshlya Jolly, Ramesh Nagar
Raj Kr. Saxena, Dwarika
Krishna Devi, Ramesh Nagar
Satish Kr. Krishna  Nagar
Virener Kr. Chopra, Kharag Singh Marg
Raj Kr. Sharma, Lodi Road
Maya Devi, JNU
Jaya Sachdeva, Kjirki Extn
Santos Chug Rames Nagar
DK Shah, Nehru Nagar
Rajiv Jain, Gautambudh Nagar
Sri Ram Kapoor, IP Extn
Sucy John, Roni
Ramesh Garg, Chandigarh
Gita Mohini, Yojna Vihar
Dhani Ram, Himachal Pradesh
K Subhrmaniam, Atul Grover Road
Jeet Pal Singh, RK Puram
Beli Ram, Faridabad
Mohan Lal Dhyani, Vikas Puri
Lal Singh Manjotr, Malviya Nagar
Tung Nath Dubey, Pushp Vihar
Raj Kaur, Malviya Nagar
Bahadur Singh, Panchsheel Park
Om Prakash, Kidwai Nagar
RN Roy, Rohini
Poorvi Maiti, Mahipalpur
Munni Devi, Shakkarpur
VLN Sharma, Andhra Pradesh
Poona Garg, Chandigarh
Anil Kr. Gupta, Basant Lane
Renu Aggarwal, Dayanand Colony
Maya Devi, Noida
Bhagwati Rawat,  Jal Vihar           

            All above members as well as others whose name already given on web blog dated 15th Dec. 2013,   once again requested to deposit Rs. 3000/= legal charges of Association immediately so that their cases may be process before the Govt. as well as legal stage.   

                                                                                                        -MP Pandey,
                                                                                                   Gen. Secretary (Hon.)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In continuation of hearing dated 27th Jan., 2014, the case was again came before the Hon’ble bench  on 3rd Feb.,2014 and after hearing the plea of Counsels  as well as the views of Director General Town & Country Planning Haryana, the  following Order/direction  issued:

            Heard   counsel on either side.
Application for impleadment is allowed.
Learned counsel appearing the applicant is direted to serve a copy of the application to all the parties.
Heard Mr. V. Shekhar, learned senior counsel appearing for Durga Builders, Mr. Rannjan Mukherjee, learned counsel appearing for the Okhla Enclave Joint Action Committee.
At this stage we are concerned with the question as to whether the colonizers could take up the internal  development  of the colony which falls under Phase-I, or in their absence, the Town and Country Planning Department could take up the development work.
We have now a list containing names of 492 allottees, but  how many of them have already paid the amount to the Director General, Town & Country Planning , Govt. Of Haryana directly or to the Colonizer, is a matter to be considered.  Mr. Anurag Rastogi, Director General  Town & Country  Planning, Govt. Of Haryana is personally present before this Court and submit that if any amount  has been received from the  plot owners that will be given credit to or else the expenses for internal development  has to be met by the plot owners/holders or the Colonizers. In order to give a quietus to the issue , we are inclined to give a direction to the Colonizers and the representatives of the owners/holders to remain present on 05-02-2014 at 2.00 P.M. at the Head Office of Director General T&C Planning, Govt. Of Haryana, at Chandigarh and all the parties would cooperate for reaching a final conclusion with regard to the internal development.
Needless to say, parties can produce all relevant documents before the DGTP, Govt. Of Haryana in support of their contentions. 
            The Director  General also submitted that by merely paying the amount either  by the plot owners/holders or by the Colonizers it would not be possible to take up the entire internal development of both the phases unless the entire amount is made available by the Colonizers or by the plot owners/holders or allottees.
The Director General further submitted that they would be able to take up the internal development work only if the entire amount is made available by the Colonizers or by the plot owners/holders.
To begin with, let the Durga Builders give all their details to the Director General on the specified date so also the representatives to the plot owners/holders. Further, if any amount has been paid  by the plot owners/holders directly to the Town & Country Planning Department that should be given credit to.
Post on 24.02.2014.

Personal presence of the parties, as directed earlier, is dispensed with for the time being. 
Till the matter is finally decided no further alienations shall be made either by the Colonizers  or by the plot owners or the allottees.                                                                     
-Court Master


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

            The case for the plot holders whose sale deeds were executed under the direction of  Hon’bl Apex Court, was heard on 27th Jan. 2014 at 2.00 pm. and following orders issued:

            When the matter came up for hearing before this court on Jan 16, 2014, Mr. V. Shekhar, Sr, advocate appearing for the colonizer- M/s. Durga Builders (P) Ltd., submitted that he will look into the matter & submit their response by today.  Today unfortunately, he is not present.  In his place Mr. Mohan Kr. Advocate appeared.

            We are sorry to note that the Managing Director of M/s. Durga Builders (P) Ltd, though present on 16th Jan., 2014, is absent today.  Therefore, we are not in a position to ascertain to whether they are ready and willing to carry out the internal development works.

            In such circumstances, we direct personal present of all the Directors of M/s. Durga Builders (P) Ltd. On Feburary 03, 2014 at 2.00 p.m. failing which non-bailable warrants shall be issued against each of the Directors.
            In the meantime, Mr. Nanender Hooda, learned Sr. Advocate appearing for the Haryana Urban Development Authority will also ascertain if the Colonizer is not carrying out the internal development works, whether the authority would take up the job and if that be so, what would be approximate amount required for carrying out the work, which amount could be recovered from the colonizer as well as the plot owners, if it is legally permission uner the law.
            The Director Town & Country Planning, Govt. of Haryana shall also be personally present on the next date so that this long pending issue could be finally resolved.

            At this stage Mr. Mohan Kr. Counsel appearing for the colonizer, submitted that they will sit

            Put up on February 03,2014 at 2.00 P.M.
                                                                                                                        -Court Master


Friday, January 24, 2014

Dear Members,

The case was heard by the bench of Hon’ble Apex Court on 16th Jan. 2014 at 2.00 p.m.  and passed the  following   orders:-                                                                                                                                      
“As directed by this Court, a report dated January 11, 2014 has been filed. All the applicants,  who may want to file  a reply to this  report, may  do so within four weeks.  A  copy of their  reply/IAs may be  made available to Mr. Narender Hooda, Learned Adl. Advocate General  (Sr.) who will examine the same and come out with the response within four weeks  thereafter.                                                                                                                                                
Mr. P.S. Narsimhan  learned senior advocate, submitted that about 627 plots can be made available over & above the  plots that are stated to be available by Mr. Hooda.  The colonizer who is  presented by Mr. V. Shekhar, learned sr. Advocate shall examine the same and file his report in  this  regard.                                                                                                                                                             
Put up on March 12, 2014 at 2.00 p.m.”
Necessary reply is being prepared by us on behalf of our members and will be submitted to Court as well as Mr. Hooda as directed above.

Further it is added that A Writ was also before the Hon'ble bench to provide the civic amenities to the plot holders of different Associations  whose favour sale deeds were executed under the direction of Hon'ble Apex Court long back. The Court directed to govt. to come with full report  on Jan. 27, 2014 at 2.00 p.m.
Our some members have not deposited the legal charges despite of repeated  requests, however, all such members are requested to  please  pay the  required  legal  charges   Rs. 3000/= immediately.                                                                                                                                 
Please also visit this web blog of Association regularly  for latest information.

                                                                                                    -   MP PANDEY,                                                                                                                           GENERAL SECRETARY (HONORARY)