Wednesday, July 16, 2014

            The case was heard again by the Hon’ble Apex Court  on 10.7.2014:

IA NOS. 11-12 IN WP(C  ) No. 477/96
IA Nos. 8&9, IA Nos. 1-89 in IA Nos. 8&9,
IA Nos. 10,3-24 in W.P.(C ) No. 876/1996

Upon hearing the Counsel the Court made the following

            An attempt has been made to reopen the entire matter.  We are not inclined to do that.
            Our attention has been drawn to the Order dated 17-07-2013 which has become the direction of this Court in view of the Order dated 18.07.2013.  By the aforesaid order (s) several directions have been made.  By the said Order(s), the Director General Town and Country Planning Haryana, was required to submit a draft List to this Court.  It was further observed that in case he finds much deficiency of plots, he shall direct the builder to make it good from General category area.  The Director General was further directed to exercise his statutory power under the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act 1975 to take step to ensure that internal development of the licensed area is completed within three months and also to explore in exercise of such power to undo any encroachment of 766 plots.

            Director General of Town and Country Planning, Haryana is present before us along with his counsel and assures that the directions as contained in the aforesaid orders shall be carried out within two weeks.  On his assurance, we are not initiating the contempt proceedings right now but we make it clear that any deviation in carrying out the orders shall be viewed seriously.
            List it on 4.08.2014.”

            We request to all our members to update their e-mail i.d. as well as Cell Nos. without any further delay.  They are again requested that definitely now we will be able to get our developed plot and all this is the result  of our Unity.  All are requested to remain united and avoid any romour.   The defaulter members are once again requested to clear their dues with the Treasurer/Sub-Treasurer without any delay.  The dues may also be directly deposited in the Association Account No. 10825178562, SBI Branch, Bhogal, New Delhi under   intimation to Association.

                                                                                          -MP Pandey,

                                                                      GENERAL SECRETARY (HONORARY)

Monday, July 14, 2014

                                FOR INFORMATION TO ALL MEMBERS

            The case was heard by the Hon’ble Bench on 8th July 2014 at about 1 hrs. and after lot of discussion, the case was re-fixed for hearing on 9th July’14 at Item No. 1  along with the direction to DGTPC (Director General Town & Country Planning), Govt. of Haryana to be also present during the hearing.

On 9th July ’14, the case was argued one and half hour by the Builder & other various Groups who wants to grab the land of poor people (genuine allottees) in the presence of Govt. authorities & their Counsels.  After listening to   issues from arguing counsels, Hon’ble Court passed the following orders:

“I.A. Nos. 8-9   W.P. (C ) No. 876/1996
We have heard learned counsels appearing for the parties.

We have also heard the Director General, Town & Country Planning (Haryana), Chandigarh, who is present in the Court in compliance of this Court’s direction, dated 08.07.2014.  In the light of this Court’s order dated 17.07.2013, he has submitted a list of persons who are entitled for allotment of plot.

For the present, we direct the Director General, Town & Country Planning (Haryana), Chandigarh, to place on record the names of those persons who are entitled for allotment of plot measuring up to 135 sq. yd.  in. non-commercial category.  He shall also remain present before this Court on 10.07.2014.
List these applications and other matters on 10.07.2014 as the first item.

I.A. No. 44/2013 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 113/1996
List this application after four weeks.”

On 10th July ’14, the case again heard by the Hon’ble Bench and the copy of order is still awaited.

The next date of hearing is on 04-08-2014.

In view of solid valuable arguments by our prestigious advocates on said hearing, we would like congratulate to all our members that now their dream to construct the house in their life is going to be fulfill.  As & when we will receive the copy of Order’s dated 10-07-2014, we will try to call a general body meeting very shortly.  The meeting and other important information will be send through SMS or e-mail (if made available to us) to the members.  Any information through post is not possible.     Till such time, all members are requested to ensure the correctness of their Cell No. & e-mail address from the General Secretary.
Various members have not cleared their previous pending dues on account of legal charges as well as membership fee, are requested to deposit the same with the Treasurer or Sub-Treasurer, S/Sh. GS Rana & GS Routela with prior fixation of time on his Cell No. 98681497779899360062 respectively.  Current year membership is still due.    

Defaulter member will not be called in the proposed meeting

Please keep in touch with the Association.

                                                                                      -MP Pandey,
                                                                                GENERAL SECRETARY (HONORARY)
                                                                                                    Cell No. 9818233779

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Sir,

Our case with other IAs was fixed for hearing on 29th April 2014 at Sl.  No. 27 but the case up to Sl. No.14 were came on Board for hearing.

The next date of  hearing will be fixed in due course of time.   It is also informed that the  Hon'ble Court will remain close from 12th May to 30th June 2014 due to summer vacation.

This is for kind information to our members

-MP Pandey,
General Secretary (Honorary)

Monday, April 21, 2014

The case of WP(C) Nos. 113/96, 876/96 and its connected IAs was fixed for hearing on 21st April 2014 but could not heard  as the bench was  up to F.N.  Now the next date has fixed for 29th April 2014.

This is for kind information to our Members.

                                                                                                                         -M.P. Pandey,
                                                                                                               General Secretary (Honorary)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Members,

Our case is being heard by a bench of Hon’ble Apex Court.  The case could not come on board for hearing on 12th March 2014 as a Ho’ble Judge shifted to Constitutional Bench for an important matter for the time being.  However, we have to wait to constitute the said bench in due course shortly.

This is for information to all our members.

                                                                                               -MP Pandey.
                                                                                                         General Secretary.      


Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Sir,

During the hearing on 3rd Feb.'14 in WP(C) 113/96, the case was re-fixed for further hearing for 24th Feb.'14 but it could not come on board for hearing.

The legal charges from the members whose names are mentioned in Blog dated 20th Feb.'14, following Sl. Nos. persons have deposited their charges with the Association:-
                                             3, 12, 14, 18, 20,23, 30.
Rest members are once again requested to please deposit their dues immediately otherwise Association will neither remain in  their contact nor represent them at any platform.



Thursday, February 20, 2014



In pursuance to Hon’ble Apex Court Order dated 3rd Feb. 2014, a meeting of Associations Representatives was held with Director General Town & Country Planning, Haryana on 05-02-2014 at Chandigarh which was also attended by Colonizer along with his two counsels.

            During the meeting, various issues were discussed but the Colonizer strongly raised the issue of 154 Supreme Court defaulter persons.  As per colonizer the said 154 defaulters have not paid their due amount to him.  As per order of DGTPC, a list    of 154 defaulters was supplied to us by Colonizer, out of which 55 persons belong to our Association, of which 23  have duly paid legal charges, the remaining 32 , as under, have not paid  legal charges  to this Association.

The Executive Body Meeting was held on 09-02-2014 and unanimously it is decided that all defaulter members be given  again one more opportunity to clear the outstanding dues, failing which it will be deemed that they are not interested in continuing their membership with this Association and we will be compelled to cancel their membership of  this  Association as they have not deposited Rs. 3000/=  legal charges despite several requests/reminders through SMS/web Blog.
        Name & address in short
     Plot No
Kyshlya Jolly, Ramesh Nagar
Raj Kr. Saxena, Dwarika
Krishna Devi, Ramesh Nagar
Satish Kr. Krishna  Nagar
Virener Kr. Chopra, Kharag Singh Marg
Raj Kr. Sharma, Lodi Road
Maya Devi, JNU
Jaya Sachdeva, Kjirki Extn
Santos Chug Rames Nagar
DK Shah, Nehru Nagar
Rajiv Jain, Gautambudh Nagar
Sri Ram Kapoor, IP Extn
Sucy John, Roni
Ramesh Garg, Chandigarh
Gita Mohini, Yojna Vihar
Dhani Ram, Himachal Pradesh
K Subhrmaniam, Atul Grover Road
Jeet Pal Singh, RK Puram
Beli Ram, Faridabad
Mohan Lal Dhyani, Vikas Puri
Lal Singh Manjotr, Malviya Nagar
Tung Nath Dubey, Pushp Vihar
Raj Kaur, Malviya Nagar
Bahadur Singh, Panchsheel Park
Om Prakash, Kidwai Nagar
RN Roy, Rohini
Poorvi Maiti, Mahipalpur
Munni Devi, Shakkarpur
VLN Sharma, Andhra Pradesh
Poona Garg, Chandigarh
Anil Kr. Gupta, Basant Lane
Renu Aggarwal, Dayanand Colony
Maya Devi, Noida
Bhagwati Rawat,  Jal Vihar           

            All above members as well as others whose name already given on web blog dated 15th Dec. 2013,   once again requested to deposit Rs. 3000/= legal charges of Association immediately so that their cases may be process before the Govt. as well as legal stage.   

                                                                                                        -MP Pandey,
                                                                                                   Gen. Secretary (Hon.)