Thursday, March 14, 2013


Surprisingly our case, listed for 8th February 2013 and 15th March 2013,  has been deleted in the final cause list of Supreme Court for the above dates.

Members are aware that for every hearing a lot of efforts are put in by us as well as by our advocates. Deletion is setback to our efforts. Efforts are on to stress the point through ‘mentioning’ by our advocates that after submission of report by Court Commissioner 3-4 years back, no meaningful / effective hearing has taken place. Moreover, due to delay in deliverance of justice, anti-social elements, land mafia have encroached upon our area, any further deletion from hearing would in effect be termed negation/denial of justice to the poor languishing in legal battle for last many years.  Besides, those in proximity of these elements are equally criminal and anti-social.

With best of efforts, the date is now fixed for 02/04/2013 i.e. non-miscellaneous day.

It is equally disheartening to note that many in our sister associations  more friendly with agents of delay in justice and encroachment are serving their own self and not the people they are leading.

It is a known fact that ours is the only association fighting for rights of plot holders. Others associations might have achieved some success in peace meal but the lasting solution will come only after the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India decides it finally. So, it is need of the hour to strengthen our hands, instead of putting impediments. Colonizer in league with other vested interests is fighting hard to divide us and delay the case.

Let us all unite and face the demon with full strength to achieve the success.

-MP Pandey

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