Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Dear Members,

            Lot of calls are being received from the Association members regarding the date of hearing on 8th July, 2015.  Earlier the date of hearing was being shown 8th July 2015 in the advance list of court  but later on our case was deleted from the final list. 

            The above information has already been supplied to all those members who are attached with the Association through WhatsApp.

            Again the date was being shown on 15th July ’15 which again removed. Now we are waiting the final list of next week cases.    It is also added that as & when the case will be heard by the Hon’ble Court, necessary information will be made available to members through this site as well as on WhatsApp.

            Various members have not deposited their legal charges due against them despite of repeated request as well as their names had also been placed in the website of Association.    In future, we will be unable to present our advocate before the court on the due date in case of insufficient fund. We would also like to add here  very clearly  that the Association will be helpless to favour the defaulter members in case of any final judgment/orders comes out.

            M/s. Durga Builder requested before the Hon’ble Court  on 01-02-2014 that 150 plot holders’ (supreme court petitioners) have not deposited  their dues and the Hon’ble Court passed the order to Associations to go before the DGTPC (Govt. of Haryana) on 3rd Feb.’14  & explain their part about the said dues.  The members who have paid the share of their legal charges to Association, those cases have already been settled with the Govt. but we remain silent for defaulter members.

            This is for kind information of members.
                                                                                                   -MP Pandey,
                                                                                                General Secretary

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