Thursday, November 19, 2015


             The Annual General Body meeting of Okhla Enclave Plot Holders’ Welfare Association was held on 06-09-2015 (Sunday) at Hindi Bhawan, ITO, New Delhi to consider the following agenda Items:

1                                                                                                                                                                            1.      Welcome by the President of members present & briefing the case.                                                                2.     Suggestions/Comments of Members about the case and unity of Association.
      3.  General Secretary report about the activities of case.
              4   Audited A/cs for the year 2013-14 & 2014-15 along with income &                  expenditure.
     5.   Fixation of date for election of new Governing Body.
     6.   Any other point by permission of Chair.
     7.   Thanks by the President.

The minutes of the meeting are as under:

   1.            The President Shri SS Bhandari welcomed the members, nearly 223 members were present in the meeting, they were briefed about the present  status of case.  He stated that as per Order of Hon’ble Apex Court dated 17th/18th July 2013, the entire licensed land of Okhla Enclave was put at the custody of DGTCP, Govt.of Haryana, till final disposal of the case.  The lists of entitled persons have already been prepared by the Govt.  He also added that as per Order of Apex Court  dated 15th July 2015, all other petitioners, except those of  IA NO. 8 & 9 of 2007 in Writ Petition (CIVIL) of 1996, have been directed to report to appropriate court for relief.

            He added that the DGTCP in compliance of Apex Court’s order dt. 15.07.2015 filed affidavit on 2.09.2015 proposing uniform reduction in plot size of all NPNL allottees, except those of Supreme Court petitioners, to 84 sq.mts in place of their eligible plot sizes of 84 to 250 sq mts. He further stated that the proposal of Govt. is not feasible, however, the proposal will be examined by the Association and a suitable response to affidavit will be filed in the Court.

2.            Several members offered their views.  Shri Rakesh Malhotra stated that the Govt. does not want to resolve our problems.  He met personally to number of Govt.  Officers at various levels and despite of filing the case before the Court, Govt. did not show the interest to provide the civic amenities to the petitioners of supreme court allottees.   However, now  all we have to be united to achieve the goal.  Sh. BS Sharma  also suggested that the aim of our Association  is to sort out the problems of each member honestly  without any discrimination.  Shri RK Trivedi also advised the members that unity of all allottees  is must to sort out the problem, however all Association should come under one platform.  The accounts of our Association are very clear.  Shri OP Gupta a member of Association appealed to the member that we are fighting for the last  20 years, in view of this we should accept the proposal of 84 sq.mts to sort out the long pending issue.  Shri SP Kamboj and  various other members objected the said proposal with the plea  that the sale deed of supreme court petitioners was executed long back when they cleared their dues in 2000 whereas the original allottees had paid the required dues much earlier than the said petitioners.  Various members mentioned that they have paid all dues in 1995 and how they  can accept the 84 S.Mtr. plot. 

3.                     The General Secretary placed the detailed report before the General Body  about the activities of Association and time to time meetings held  with the Govt.  It is also added by him that every time unnecessary issues are being raised before the Court by our sister Associations  with connivance  of builder to confuse the court.   We personally met   Mr. SDR Chadha, President of Allottee Forum thrice at his residence but no solid action  on ground was taken by them despite assurances.  In addition to  Allottees Forum, we contacted to Durga Builder Association, Joint Action Committee & others  with the request that if our goal is one why we are fighting on different angles but all these were  determined not to co-operate on this issue, instead were bent upon to raise superficial issues to reap larger funds for them.  

            General Secretary assured the members that all efforts will be made for ensure justice and without any solid ground or Court Order, we will not accept the proposed offer of Govt.f 84 Sq. Mtr. Plot.

    It is also added by the General Secretary that the reply to Durga Builder  Chartered Accountant’s letter asking for plot related data from allottees  will be given by the Advocate of Association and the copy of same will be sent to member concern on their whatsap.

4.     On behalf of Treasurer, the General Secretary placed the audited accounts for the year 2013-14 & 2014-15  before the General Body as under which were unanimously approved by the General Body.
Income:  i)  Previous Balance                                         Rs.17,97547
               ii) Receipt during the year                                 Rs.  9,15,340
                   Total                                                              Rs.27,12,887
Expenditure:   Legal Expenses & other                  Rs.10,74,701

                               Balanlce in hand/Bank                    Rs.  16,38,186

Income:  i)  Previous Balaance                                       Rs.16,38,186
               ii) Receipts  during the year                              Rs.  2,31,132
         Total                                                                        Rs.18,69,318
Expenditure:   Legal Expenses & other                  Rs.11,38,582

                               Balanlce in hand/Bank                    Rs.  7,30,736

          It was also mentioned that the funds of Association has already exhausted and the balance of funds of petitioner members now stood at Rs.7.30 Lac, therefore, Executive Body decided to collect  Rs. 5,000/= from each member on account of legal charges immediately.  Some members suggested that members be directed to deposit their all pending dues before 10th Nov. 2015.

            The President Shri SS Bhandari requested to all members to clear their pending and current dues by above date so as to strengthen the financial position of the Association. The list of defaulter members will be placed on Association’s Blog after above date.

5.           About fixing of date for election of Governing Body, the General Body unanimously decided that the Existing Governing Body may continue for another year, except the Executive members not present in the General Meeting, Executive members, namely,  S/Sh. BM Sharma and Mohinder Singh were not present in General Body and following    members offered their services for Association to be included in the Governing Body:

1.   Shri SK Dabral
2.   Shri Sudhir Datta.
3.   Shri Sudhir Kumar.

In the end all members were thanked by the President, Shri SS Bhandari and requested them to continue to offer their valuable co-operation to Association in their own interest.

The members who attended the meeting, marked their presence on Attendance Register.

                                                                                          -MP Pandey,
                                                                               GENERAL SECRETARY

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