Thursday, June 10, 2010


Despite of repeated requests on website as well as through letter & telephonic calls(on availability of numbers), the following supreme court petitioner members are not coming forward to execute the sale-deed/conveyance-deed of their plot:

S/Sh./Smt./Ms. MM Nair Plot No. B-246D, Gajender Nath Plot No. F-37B, EM Tigga Plot No. D-47, Dhani Ram Plot No. C-34, Beli Ram Plot No. C-66, Munni Devi Plot No. B-206C, DK Shah Plot No. F-38P, RN Saxena Plot No. C-99, Saroj Sharma Plot No. C-8,, Darshan Sharma Plot No. C-16, Damyanti Sharma Plot No. J-51A.

Under the circumstances, now it is being presumed that presently either they are not interested for execution of sale deeds of plots in their favour through Association or taking up their matter with the colonizer directly at own level.

-MP Pandey,
General Secretary (Honorary)

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