Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Member,

Please reach at venue of meeting at 10.00 am sharp instead of 10.30 am as mentioned in letter dated 16-07-2010(already mailed) so that besic formalities i.e. attendance, dues collection, distribution of Gate Passes etc.etc. be completed well in time. We have to vacate the Hall at 1.00 p.m. at all cost.

Your co-operation for Association is requested.

We regret for any inconvenience due to this slight modification.



-MP Pandey,
General Secretary (Honorary)


  1. Subject: Concealing of vital facts by Okhla Enclave Plotholders Welfare Association

    Dear fellow Members,

    As you are aware, Conveyance Deeds in respect of the Supreme Court petitioners were executed on the strong advice of our Association in the months of April-May 2010. The Conveyance Deeds were handed over to the members on 1.8.2010 in the General Body meeting held at the Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House after the proceedings of the meetings were over. The members had deposited Rs.600/- per sq. yd. plus land cost (Rs.120 to 150) each to the builder for a plot measuring 134 Sq.Yds. on the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. But the builder allotted different size of plots to the members. Shri J.S. Malhotra, former President had assured us all that they are looking into all the aspects of allotment and will bring the same to the notice of the Hon’ble Court at the time of execution of Registries. However, no directions from the Court were sought about the rates for enhanced/reduced plots and the Association executed Conveyance Deeds in a very haphazard manner without taking care of interest of all plotholders.

    Further, it was announced in the General Body meeting on 1.8.2010 that the Association had negotiated with the builder about the amount for enlarged size plots. Now, the members had paid Rs.4,500/- per sq.yd. for the enlarged size plots against the prevailing current market price of Rs.10,000/- per sq. yd. as demanded by the builder. It was also announced in the meeting by Shri M.P. Pandey that a line has been added in the Conveyance Deeds of those plot holders whose size has been reduced and the excess payment paid will be adjusted by the builder in subsequent payments. But, the builder mentioned in the Registries that he had taken the entire amount of Rs.96,480/- for a plot of size 99.50 sq. yds. whereas we had paid the amount for a plot of 134 sq.yds. There was no mention about the excess amount paid and the builder adjusted the whole amount for a smaller plot, which is a complete violation of Supreme Court ruling and it amounts to Contempt of Court.

    The following points emerged from the meeting :

    a) The Association had bargained with the builder for enlarged size plots @ Rs.4,500/- and accepted the amount in cash from the members. Surprisingly, in the Conveyance Deed an amount of Rs.720/- to Rs.750/- only was mentioned instead of Rs.4,500/- as collected from members. While bargaining with the builder, Association gave an assurance to the builder that they will not press for refund of excess amount paid by Association members whose size has been reduced. Accordingly, the builder adjusted the whole amount of reduced size plots. For example, in case of reduction of approx. 34 sq.yd. of a plotholder, the builder owes an amount of Rs.3,40,000/- (Rs.10,000x34) because the builder has demanded Rs.10,000/- from enlarged size plot holders. There are 18 members in the Association whose plots have been reduced. Thus, the Association has bargained for a total amount of Rs.61,20,000/- (Rs.3,40,000x18) of reduced size plotholders, which the Association now owes to them. In case of enlarged size plots, the members had actually paid @ Rs.4,500/- whereas only Rs.720 to Rs.750 has been mentioned in the Registry. In case, if the Supreme Court takes cognisance of amount relating to different size of plots, the amount paid by members in cash will be jeopardised.

    b) The General Secretary misguided General Body members that a line has been inserted in Registries of reduced size plotholders. This clearly shows the mala fide intentions of the members of the Association so that forgeries on the part of the Association do not come to the notice of all members.

    These types of unofficial negotiations on behalf of members without taking their consent are not expected from a registered Welfare Association.

    I request our executive members to clear the position on above points.

    Thanking you,

    Sunil Kumar Sehgal
    Ph #: 9811960693

  2. I totally agree with Mr. Seghal. It is a full fledged scam . We earnestly appeal Supreme Court that an inquiry to be conducted particularly on the hidden illegal conveyance/arrangement between Mr. Nanda and Mr. M.P. Pandey who is working in the Jal Board. Surprisingly, association members are sleeping on the deeds of Mr. MP Pandey because one of the association members had deposited
    old price of excess land and not the price of Rs.4500/- per Sq.yds as the other members had deposited.

    Further, there is no audit for the amount of Rs. 11,000/- ( Rs.10,000/- through receipt and balance Rs.1,000/- through Cash without receipt). Mr. Pandey has still eyes on more money to get from the members.

    Have any members thought why Mr. M.P. Pandey is the only witness for the registry and why he had not involved the other executive members.

    You will see a new role of Mr. M.P. Pandey in the next Supreme Court Hearing i.e. on 16.08.2010.

    Dear members kindly awake and fight your right with so called fraudulent association members.

    Every executive member has the only right to collect their fare for attending the meeting without fail. Even Executive members of the association are not paying single penny on the legal charges as they are supreme.

  3. Dear All members

    This stupid and malicious campaign against our association office bearers is uncalled for and totally wrong .Instead of appraising the efforts put By Shri MP Pandey and late Shri JS Malhotra, some members have started this un needed campaign at this Juncture . Its just because of their continuous zeal to fight this fraud builder, the case in supreme court has reached at this stage where a hope and light has started to appear that very soon we are going to get Justice finally after two decade of long and voluminous battle with durga builder.

    The present case which is in going on in supreme court and in which the commission was set up and all the wrong doing of Durga Builder and how he was helped by Haryana government in doing this had appeared on record before hnble supreme court has only happened by wise and honest approach taken by our association office bearers. If they had to shake hand with fraud Durga builder they would had done it long back and had made fortune long back.

    All the registries of Supreme Court petitioners which are pending for more than 10 years had executed by scamster Durga builder only due to coming in pressure after submission of commissioner report so that he can have some face saving in supreme court when case will come for argument. As far as allegation by some members that they got less area plot registered while they paid more money and that excess money has not been refunded by Durga Builder. These kind of cases are very less in compared to total number of our members whose plots have been registered, I have just to say them, that by losing some money they have at least became registered owner of plots while one should think about those people (I am also one among them) who had paid all money to durga builder and their plot have been sold to third party.

    There we should not put baseless, false allegations and personal attack on anybody at this crucial stage of our case as it will only dampen the sprit and confidence of our respected office bearers without whom efforts it would not have been possible to fight such a long and complex battle with Durga builder in which Haryana govt has also favored him. I also request all members to be united because unity is our strength and not the BLAME GAME.

    Mohinder singh

  4. everybody has right to say anything but at the same time one should have courage to put his/her name after the comments

    Mohinder singh

  5. Mr. Mohinder have you read the comments of Mr. Sunil and others seriously. Please comment on each and every allegation. It is not malicious campaign , we have brought out the facts of the cases and misdeeds of the some of the executive members. Further, you just confirm from Mr. M.P. Pandey that executive members are paying any kind of legal charges . Are they not exempted? I think you are also a new executive member and you will also taste the same.

    Mr. Mohinder, the case is now out of the hand of the association after the death of Mr. Malhotra. You will see the same when the next hearing of case in Supreme Court will come in October,2010.

    I urge Mr. Mohinder, if you have the courage to change the situation in the favour of plot holders, first you may read the whole case thoroughly and then comment on each & every point as mentioned by Mr. Sunil and others. Mr. Mohinder, the situation has been changed after the death of Mr. Malhotra. He was the only honest soul, who brought the case at this stage. After the death of Mr. Malhotra, the situation is changing so fast which leads to great scam as mentioned by Mr. Sunil. Mr. Malhotra had never allowed use of money ( difference of land rate ) in such a way as used by Mr. Pandey, which clearly shows violations of ethical principles and natural justice. How a executive members gets same rate ( old rate as purchased by them) on the cost of the extra land at the time of their registry of their plot and why other plot holders paid extra cost (Rs.4500/- per Sq.yds) at the time of registry. This money paid without the receipt ( got receipt only on old rates). Why Durga Builders is not returning the money @ Rs.4500/- per Sq.yds for smaller sixe of plot as in the case of Mr. Sunil. Mr. Mohinder you just think from your esteemed soul that Association has not been involved in this scam with Mr.Nanda. If Mr. Malhotra alive, he will allow such a scam. Mr. Mohinder if you are fighting with scamester Mr. Nanda, then you may also prepare ( if you have courage) to fight with the scamester sitting in the Executive body of the association in near future. Aap bhee Yahan hein main bhee Yahan hoon bus agay dehte jaiye. However, I will earnestly pray to god for Mr. Mohinder , being a executive member he will fight for the right cause. God bless you for right and honest thinking.

  6. Dear All,

    Pls dont fyt and calm down why banging ur heads..we dont have any thng to loose..We need land..Mr.Mohinder
    Pls read Mr.sunil Pnts and comment dont divert the things
    Mr.Sunil Pls dont put personal comments
    if Mr.Pandey is could put more light on this it will be helpful.Pls share your view.